In the world of mining, nothing matters more than keeping your employees safe and avoiding workplace injuries caused by contact with equipment, tools and multitude of objects. SmartCone’s Red Zone incorporates dynamic proximity alerts which can notify workers, equipment operators and supervisors when a safety breach occurs. Visual, audible and haptic alerts in addition to on/off signals can be configured upon entering specific zones.

Our customized solutions ensure your project has the unique solution it needs to succeed at peak performance within the highest safety standards.

End-to-End Ecosystem

SmartCone provides an end to end ecosystem comprised of fixed, mobile and wearable sensors, wireless communication devices, network connectivity as well as complete software integration including existing applications and infrastructure.

Employee safety and the security of your data constitute our highest priorities. Aggregating data from multiple points is not a simple task given that it may be in the wrong format and not relevant for a specific task. SmartCone collects data from any source, formats it and finds the correct correlations in real time via its FusionCore software. Our ability to provide edge computing and AI modelling within the ecosystem leads to the highest levels of efficiency in your work environment.