About Us

At SmartCone Technologies, our mission is simple: we want to save lives and secure your assets. Since 2011, we’ve been researching and developing IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to make safety more intelligent, cost-effective, adaptable, scalable, and mobile, all at the highest standards of security and privacy.

TheSmartCone solutions have been used for securing dangerous worksites, controlling bicycle lane traffic, managing vehicle fleets, monitoring traffic incident scenes, mobile and fixed advertising, crowd control, and site security surveillance. Our clients include utility companies, departments of transportation, construction companies, engineering firms, global logistics companies, courier companies and various policing agencies among others.




Founder and CEO

Jason Lee

Jason is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of  SmartCone. An award winning entrepreneur, innovator and leader, Jason has a background in business intelligence, lean manufacturing and knowledge management and has worked in the military, aerospace, avionics, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. His drive to create an IoT platform to help change the way we interact with technology, led to the development of the SmartCone concept. Jason believes that technology can help unlock true human potential so that we can focus on becoming the best version of ourselves.

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Lee

Rob is an executive with more than 25 years experience in leading the operation, planning and execution of complex projects across multiple industry sectors.  Simplifying and making sense of disparate information and data points is one of Rob’s areas of specialization. Prior to SmartCone, Rob was General Manager at Earth Boring Co. where he orchestrated operations and sales strategy. His background in project management and business development helps shape the vision, execution  and overall strategy of SmartCone. He holds a B.Sc in Environmental from Trent University as well as a Diploma in Environmental Engineering Technology from Durham College.

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Kallai

Peter Kallai is a senior high-tech executive with over 30 years of technology industry experience.   Peter held various management roles ranging from VP, CFO and CEO while helping to scale companies from less than $5M in revenue, to mid-sized organizations with up to 250 employees and over $100M in revenue per annum in the telecommunications and electronics industries.

Chief Marketing Officer

Philippe Lozier

Philippe has a wide range of experience in telecom, mobile devices, business applications and consumer services. He has been involved in numerous product launches including vertical industry solutions as well as machine to machine applications and IoT. Having handled a variety of management roles in the telco space, he also has experienced the rare industry occurance of working at both Samsung and Apple.

Chief Technology Officed & VP of Engineering

Jim Parisien

Having 35 years of experience in designing embedded systems, Jim has built his career architecting high performance products for the military, telecommunications and water reclamation industries.  His entrepreneurial spirit has helped him grow several start-ups and medium sized companies, where he held key management roles including VP and CEO.

VP Sales & Business Development

Pierluigi Buonicore

With more than 30 Years experience in the technology sector from telecommunication to software and government,  Pierluigi is heading sales and business development at SmartCone. In the past, Pierluigi worked as a Global Trade Director in Advanced Technology for Export Development Canada where he was responsible for cultivating relationships with EDC’s international clients across multiple industry sectors in order to drive the adoption of Canadian technology and innovation. Prior to joining EDC in 2019, he spent more than 25 years in the technology industry working in different functions, including at Telus, BlackBerry, 724 Solutions, Nortel Networks and Newbridge Networks.  He holds an MBA from Lansbridge University.