SmartCone Technologies Inc. announces HeatGuardian, a spin-off company dedicated to providing applications and micro-climate weather stations to calculate localized heat exposure to aid individuals and workers in staying safe during periods of hot weather

OTTAWA, ON, July 19, 2022 /CNW/SmartCone Technologies Inc, Canada’s leader in IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, continues its exclusive strategic partnership with the Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit (HEPRU) at the University of Ottawa by developing heat mitigation solutions that will aid in protecting the health and well-being of individuals during rest or physical activity in the heat. This is made possible by the unique physiological data generated by HEPRU using the world’s only whole-body air calorimeter that provides a very precise measurement of the heat dissipated by the human body.

HeatGuardian by SmartCone, has been compiling and validating HEPRU’s one of a kind database to create proprietary algorithms. In combination with localized micro-climate weather stations, users will be afforded maximum protection against the harmful effects of heat. Personalized heat monitoring will provide the user with individualized exposure recommendations and alerts.

By also taking part in Operation Heat Shield Canada ( SmartCone is committed to building personalized, tailored applications to protect individuals in instances of extreme temperatures.

About SmartCone Technologies Inc.

SmartCone Technologies is a data sensory company that commercializes new Internet of Things technologies by powering a wide array of sensors through edge computing, data fusion and artificial intelligence. Its primary focus is industrial safety and security.

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