Logistics and Warehousing

Accurately locating physical goods and equipment in warehouses is not only problematic but usually done inefficiently leading to negative financial implications. SmartCone has resolved this logistical issue with its Constellation, PATRIoT and ClickIoT modules. Fully modular by design, ClickIoT may be configured with RFID and UWB (ultrawideband) readers and tags deployed on pallets, parts and parcels of varying sizes as well as on forklifts and other mobile equipment.

A digital pallet can also be created leading to the even more precise location of assets and the movement
of rolling stock within the warehouse.

End-to-End Ecosystem

SmartCone provides an end to end ecosystem comprised of fixed, mobile and wearable sensors, wireless communication devices, network connectivity as well as complete software integration including existing applications and infrastructure.

Employee safety and the security of your data constitute our highest priorities. Aggregating data from multiple points is not a simple task given that it may be in the wrong format and not relevant for a specific task. SmartCone collects data from any source, formats it and finds the correct correlations in real time via its FusionCore software. Our ability to provide edge computing and AI modelling within the ecosystem leads to the highest levels of efficiency in your work environment.