Symp2Pass by SmartCone has partnered with the HEPRU in offering the first ever personal advanced COVID screening process using ScentsiBLE a patent pending smell test process.

Ottawa, Canada April 30, 2021 SmartCone Technologies, Canada’s leader in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and developer of Symp2Pass is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Innovations Canada and Dr. Glen P. Kenny, Director of the HEPRU at the University of Ottawa, Canada to further develop technologies and proprietary processes to help strengthen the return-to-work solution for COVID-19.

For the past 27 years, the HEPRU has been leading innovative and cutting-edge research on the assessment of the environmental and human factors affecting health and performance ( This includes the development of sophisticated heat protection technologies to safeguard health and safety in partnership with SmartCone Technologies. SmartCone Technologies and its strategic partners (like Disney SyncLink) have many valuable screening, monitoring and cleaning patents and processes that will be integrated into Symp2Pass and other processes to help in the prevention and spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and wellbeing of the general population and workers

Symp2Passes by SmartCone is a personal and private advanced screening process that uses a patent pending smell test (ScentsiBLE) along with a key symptom survey and required government COVID questions to quickly test individuals for key symptoms of COVID. Symp2Pass is currently being tested by Disney, Ontario Tech University (funded by the Canadian Government) and a leading nuclear power company which, will increase safety for employees, site visitors and protect the assets (buildings, complexes etc.) so that everyone carry work responsibilities and socialize safely.

“We are excited to work with Symp2Pass and SmartCone to help test, verify and finalize their COVID back-to-work screening process. In combination with a COVID self- assessment questionnaire, the system offers individuals a rapid screening test that can help stop the spread of COVID and keep individuals safe and workplaces open. “Dr. Gen P. Kenny, Director of the HEPRU uOttawa”

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SYMP2PASS, developed in conjunction with doctors and researchers, is the first anonymous end-to-end advanced health screening web process. Using our patent pending ScentsiBLE scent test paired with multi-symptom survey, SYMP2PASS will help reduce the spread of COVID and save businesses and countries millions of dollars. Learn more at

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